New Patio Door In Whitley Bay


New Patio Door In Whitley Bay Another happy customer! After this Sliding Patio Door was fitted to the rear of this property in Whitley Bay, improving access to the garden and increasing natural light in the living room. The large, insulated double-glazed panes will keep the family cosy and warm through the winter, whist letting [...]

High-End New Front Door In Whitley Bay


High-End New Front Door In Whitley Bay Strong, stunning and warm, high-end composite door fitted to this property in Whitley Bay. Boasting a brown, timber-effect finish with chrome door furniture and two full-length radius glass panels fitted with beautiful leaded effect patterned glazing. The door body was made with modern, secure and long-lasting materials whilst [...]

Composite Door in North Tyneside with Obscure Glass Side Panel


Composite door in North Tyneside + Side Panel Fitted with Obscure Glass. Photograph to illustrate a brand new composite door fitted to this property in Tyneside. The job included fitting a vertical glass pane to the right of the front door. Using obscure 'non-see-through' glass helps to maintain privacy for those inside the house. This [...]

Composite Door In Durham


New Composite door in Durham. Photograph illustrating a new composite door fitted to a property in County Durham. This is a classic style of door; the upper panels are fitted with frosted, patterned glazing and there is also a 'half-moon' panel above these. This door uses modern insulating and hard-wearing materials whilst having a visible [...]

New Front Door in Blyth


New front door in Blyth, Northumberland. This aesthetic, strong and warm new composite door was fitted to a home in Blyth, Northumberland. A very unique style of timber-effect door, with two 'half moon' sections of frosted glazing. The door has a light green, wood-grained finish with chrome fixings but is built from hard-wearing, secure and [...]

Composite Door in Blyth + Glass Side Panel


Composite door in Blyth, Northumberland with matching side panel This aesthetic, secure and warm composite door in Blyth, features obscured, decorative vintage glass, (non-lead) leading and a full-length matching side panel. This classic style of door has four glass panels in the upper section, high-quality chrome fixings and is finished in white on the inside [...]

New Sliding Patio Door In Gosforth


New Sliding Patio Door In Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne New Sliding Patio Door fitted to the rear of a home in Gosforth improving access to the rear of the building. Our sliding patio doors are crafted for smooth operation and beautiful design. Standard sliding doors operate by sliding along horizontal tracks at the head and [...]

New Front Door, North Tyneside


New front door fitted for another happy customer in West Allotment, North Tyneside "Yeh! A massive thank you to Excel for fitting our new front door, after the previous door company installed incorrect door. We're over the moon & would recommend them for all your windows & door needs."  West Allotment Community Centre, North Tyneside. [...]

New UPVC Door In Wallsend


New 'inside-porch' UPVC door in Wallsend with side panels. Composite door and complimentary side-panel windows were fitted inside the existing porch of this property in Wallsend. Choosing a door to your home should be done with careful consideration: It will be with you for years to come so it needs to be something of which [...]