A New Composite Door in Killingworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Composite has become the go-to choice for exterior door construction and represents a major advancement from the older UPVC, metal and timber doors. A badly designed door built with sub-standard materials can compromise the efficiency of your home and leave it at risk to security threats and wear-and-tear. When selecting a new front door, we advise to seek a door that is strong, stylish and comes at a fair price, and a good composite door form Excel NorthEastticks all of these boxes! There’s no question, composite doors reach much higher standards of strength, insulation and style.

Our made-to-measure composite doors like the one pictured are manufactured locally to a superior standard and specification. We use the best materials to create a door that is tough, durable, secure and resistant to the harsh English weather. And our standards of workmanship are just as high when we fit our doors; Excel North-East have over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, with a friendly, qualified team of time-served workers who are fully insured and ready to carry out improvements to your home.

Before we fitted this composite door in Killingworth, the customer first looked over our huge catalogue of doors, with many styles and colours and many options for door-furniture and glazing that represent an almost infinite number of possible combinations. They eventually arrived at this clasic door: A brown, highly detailed wood effect, 4-panel composite door with complimenting chrome door furniture and the upper two panels fitted with rectangles of toughened and beautifully patterned, leaded glass. The end result is a stunning new front door that sits well with the existing style of the property.

Just how confident we are in the strength and longevity of our doors are we? Well, this door (in fact EVERY door we fit) comes with a FREE 10 YEAR MAINTENANCE WARRANTY. The composite door really is the best choice for low maintenance, so this happy customer can relax with the knowledge that their new front door will serve then for many years to come and continue to provide style, warmth and security well into the future.

Do you need a composite door in Killingworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne? Or anywhere in the Northumberland and Tyne & Wear area? Choose from our huge range of styles and colour combinations! Please contact Excel North-East for a free quote today.